Adopting Open Source Software within the Corporate ICT Strategy

Open Source Software has facilitated innovation in the market place. It is already a backbone of cloud innovation and has hastened the delivery of social solutions in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and provided applications for development in many industries.

Most Open Source projects are hosted by non-profit organisations. Many of them have the word “foundation” in their name – Mozilla Foundation, Document Foundation, Apache Software Foundation and collectively they are known as “foundations”. Business leaders use to discuss matters of mutual interest – called Floss (Free/Liber and Open Source Software). The important aspect of all Floss licensing is to grant a license that gives the same rights and freedoms to everyone in the public – individuals, non-profit and profit organisations. Government agencies are increasingly turning to Open Source technologies in the wake of shrinking budgets.

Enterprises are dealing with exploding levels of business events and associated data. In order to stay competitive and meet customer expectations, the companies need to embrace new standard for communication on the internet and Open Source has made it easy for them. There is licensing strategy for Open Source Software. Open Source Software (OSS) licensing permits businesses to open up their projects to the public access and they can submit, add, change, repair, or to build on top of the existing software code. Many organizations or developers do not have a positive understanding of the differences between the various OSS licenses and how to go about selecting one that fits closely with their software project, nor are they well-informed of how they want the project to be open for public involvement.

UNICOM is organising a conference “Adopting Open Source Software within the corporate ICT strategy” on 5 December. This conference sets out to attract the best of breed open source proponents and those government departments, NGOs and multinationals who see the growing market strength of the OSS movement and plan to build this into their formal ICT strategy.


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