Next Generation Testing; New Frontiers: Agile, Cloud and Mobile Device Testing

In recent years, Content Management Systems (CMSs) have increased their presence in organizations and businesses thanks to their efficiency for managing digital content.   However, testing and automating CMS backed applications is very challenging. It is different from testing web applications, in most of which pages are well defined; the operations which can be performed on them are also well defined and there are few moving parts on the page.

CMS backed applications, on the other hand, are usually dynamic and pages can show different data and modules every time you look at them.

Anand Ramdeo (@testinggeek) faced this challenge when working for Channel 4.  Like many media organisations,  Channel 4 has many websites such as 4Food, 4Beauty, 4Home and so on. These websites are powered by a powerful CMS and the usual strategies for test automation could not be applied.   At UNICOM’s forthcoming conference “Next Generation Testing; New Frontiers: Agile, Cloud and Mobile Device Testing”, on 23 May 2013 in London, Anand talks about his experiences, the challenges he faced and the approach he took for the automation of CMS backed web applications.

Other presentations at this highly interactive conference cover how Net-a-Porter do mobile testing; the challenges of testing in the cloud, putting QA into Agile at JP Morgan, and the future of testing.


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