UNICOM Seminars launches events in Amsterdam

After months of preparation UNICOM Seminars finally launched their three conferences in Amsterdam; Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Recent Trends in Process Improvement: Focus on Products and Services and DevOps Summit Europe: Enabling DevOps.

The three conferences took place at Hotel Casa 400, Central Amsterdam. It was the first time UNICOM has taken their events outside of the UK; the team was anxious and excited. Delegates had come from various companies; Capgemini, ING Bank, TomTom, KLM, Nokia, Siemens, Deliotte, Atos, Achmea, Logica and a number of different countries; USA, Germany, France and India.

ALM and Recent Trends in Process Improvement began with two plenary discussions by Jay Douglas, from Software Engineering Institute and Alan Cameron from DCG-SMS Ltd. Each track was buzzing with discussion and debates.


There were popular talks given by speakers such as Wesley Pullen, Vice President of Global ARA Technologies at UC4. His DevOps presentation, ‘Using Application Release Automation (ARA) as a DevOps Platform for the Enterprise,’ covered business pressures on modern day IT, how application architectures have shifted, the DevOps Challenge and Application Release Automation, one of the main obstacles to overcome in ensuring that the application makes it to production. He left the audience with a sense of what trends are emerging in IT that they should prepare for whilst creating a discussion about the concept and arena of DevOps.


Some of the highlights of the day were hearing Kris Buytaert speak about the foundational elements to DevOps and why it got started in 2009; the impetus behind why the movement is important and what it seeks to address.


Mark Smalley from ASL BiSL Foundation spoke about ‘Reinvent Application Lifecycle Management and embrace Occupy IT.’ The presentation focused on two major trends and how they are affecting Application Lifecycle Management. The one trend concentrated on how businesses are becoming increasingly IT savvy, the struggle organisations have with tasks such a specification, acceptance testing and how to utilise information as a strategic asset. The second trend looked at commoditization of technology, leading to the increasing use of external providers of services (e.g. Saas). It was fascinating to see both trends illustrated by a simple framework used by BiSL foundation. There is a conviction that IT people must reinvent themselves and move up the IT value chain towards the business in order to succeed and survive ALM.


Each conference ended with an exciting prize draw where one lucky participant was awarded with a bottle of champagne and an evening drinks reception was organised to allow delegates and speakers to network with one another.




UNICOM Seminars will be holding there next Application Lifecycle Management and Process Improvement Conference on 28 February 2013 in London and DevOps Summit on 16 May 2013. To find out more details visit:

Application Lifecycle Management Conference 2013

Recent Trends in Process Improvement

DevOps Summit London

Here are some videos of what some of our speakers thought of the developments and challenges in the topic areas.

What does the future hold for CMMI?

Jay Douglass, International Business Development Manager at Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

How does DevOps contribute to organisational effectiveness?

Stephen Nelson Smith, CEO at Atalanta Systems

Kris Buytaert,

Better ways to do Process Improvement

Ben Linders, Ben Linders Advies

How to better manage applications?

Niels Malotaux, Malotaux


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