Finance with R

Finance with R

There are many possible statistical programs that can be used in financial research and applications. R has grown tremendously in recent years, both in terms of capabilities and users. There are more and more Finance applications used in R. R, in addition, runs on Macintoshes.

I myself attended a workshop “Finance with R” in November 2010 organised by OptiRisk Systems and got a wealth of new knowledge and tricks from more experienced professionals in this field.

If you have any interest in the statistical software R and want to know its use/applications in finance, then check this out Finance with R.

Anyone looking for knowledge of R software and how to get started its applications in finance will find this workshop invaluable.

The programme offers tips related to the following points:

  •  Preparations and installation of R
  •  Data import, data types and variables                                     
  •  Simulations in R
  •  Graphics in R
  •  Exploratory analysis in R with special focus to time series data
  •  Applications in Finance: Portfolio  optimisation and VaR
  •  R and Excel
  •  Preparing reports

 Should you be interested then Brochure download

It provides the knowledge of the statistical software R for professionals and academics in finance. This is well articulated workshop and presents insight into the statistical models and concepts in R which are useful in various problems arising in Finance.

 The presenters of this course are Ronald Hochreiter, an R Practitioner, and Patrick Burns, a specialist in statistical computing specializing in R. They use examples that are widely used in finance.


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