Creating the Culture for DevOps: 24 July & 4 October 2012 (London)

UNICOM Seminars has planned a series of five workshops covering the five key aspects which enable the practitioner to build better software and processes and effectively deliver these. Other workshops in this series address the topics of Automation, Agile, Lean, Measurement and Sharing within the context of DevOps.

Our workshop background:

  • Clearly recognise what a DevOps culture is and what is preventing it from working effectively in their organsation
  • Fully identify the key elements that must be in place to make this work
  • Confidently diagnose and assess the challenges that they face in achieving this
  • Safely share their learning with other delegates and get expert input from the speaker
  • Quickly create a powerful Action Plan to take away and get started straightaway

Our first workshop which is being held on 24 July and being repeated on 4 October, will be presented by Dr Emma Langman. Dr Emma Langman is a the founder and director of Progression Partnership and specialises in helping individuals and organisations to unlock and overcome barriers to change. She also lectures on Systems Learning and Leadership as well as Systems Engineering at the University of Bristol.

Price: £195 + VAT

Dates: 24 July & 4 October 2012

Location: London

Venue: To be confirmed

Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm

To register please email or call our team: 01895 256484


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