The Take on DevOps

In recent years, there has been a growing realisation for the need of better collaboration between the development & IT operations. Commonly articulated as the ‘Dev’ ‘Ops’ issue; poor communication & collaboration between the development & IT operations is observed to limit understanding & cooperation between the two groups of people & in effect widen the gateway to complications in effective software delivery. As a norm, development & operations are considered as two separate roles, where both groups tend to have different goals, working styles & tooling usage. Even worse, they work in separate teams, departments or location.  Most complications start appearing when the developers release software to the operations & because development & operations work so distinctively, both groups fail to resolve any issues that arise. End result – Delays! Software Failures!

So what’s the take?

Whilst there has been an age old struggle to resolve complications in delivering better software, advanced with growing concerns between development & operations is a new IT management concept called DevOps.

Evidently the awareness for change, collaboration & integration has been widespread for some decades now. However, what’s different this time is the outlook towards the problems & the way to achieve resolution to these problems. The DevOps aims to build effective teams, configuration systems & a combination of appropriate technologies which lead to the delivery of reliable software. It is about bridging the gap between the developers & sysadmins. In clear words DevOps foundation is about change, culture, empowerment & above all having the right attitude.

DevOps at present

The ‘Dev’ & ‘Ops’ issue has never been more explicit as it has been in the past three years. The notion started when dev/ops issue was officially pitched at the Devopsdays conference in Belgium in 2009.  It is now broadly practiced in various countries including the US, Brazil, Australia, India & Germany. The idea is now spreading fast in the UK & Europe. At present several groups & communities are being formed to support the DevOps foundation.

DevOps Summit 2012

Supporting the growing interest on DevOps in the UK, UNICOM seminars; a specialist provider of business to business communication products & services are organising DevOps Summit in London & Amsterdam this year.  The DevOps Summit is an independent event structured. Delegates will leave the event with a comprehensive understanding and a toolkit of ideas & techniques to implement DevOps. The event will cover various organisational aspects & how DevOps can add value to a business.

Event Dates:

London: 20, June 2012

Amsterdam: 22 November 2012

To register for this event please click here or call the team: 01895 256 484

 Author: Kamakshi Pandya


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