Next Generation Testing Conference: New Tools and Techniques Panel Questions

Questions raised by panellists:

  • What are the best tools to use?
  • What is the value of automation?
  • Which tools are the best value for money?
  • Can you make automation work on a global basis?
  • How do I stop my scripts becoming out of date?
  • Do I really need specialist automation testers?
  • How are new technology and new techniques going to affect the way I test over the next 2 years or so?
  • How can stories help to automate tests?
  • What tools have you built to help with testing?
  • What do developers think of automation?
  • How many times does an automated test need to be executed in order to pay back the cost of set up and maintenance?
  • How does automation fit in to large scale enterprise integration projects?
  • Are the results from a testing tool predictable?
  • What is difficult for an automation testing tool?
  • How to generate corrections to faulty programs?
  • How to infer specifications automatically?
  • Which considerations should I have if I want to introduce automation in an agile environment?
  • Which activities are involved during automation?

Questions raised by audience:

  • How can procurement (of suppliers and tools) fit into Agile, particularly in a cloud environment?
  • Acceptance test tools. Which one?
  • Why is there an abundance of tools? Which should I trust?
  • Nobody gets fired for buying HP Quality Centre, so why go for open source test management tools and which ones?
  • How to specify Geo Spatial requirements for test automation through specification by example?
  • Any public authority willing to share experience of specification by example?
  • How useful is it to construct examples to help improve testing of delivered and mature systems always tested using scripts?
  • Are you running into any problems with tools being over used/replacing conversations?  How have you resolved this?
  • How do you cope with upgrading to newer tools, specifically relating to automated testing tools.

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