The Hype About Scrum and Agile…

As a training provider, over the last 25 years UNICOM Seminars have witnessed the launch of many certifications, best practices, methodologies and the latest industry buzzwords… there’s the usual excitement; curiosity and skeptism that accompany them which we share objectively.

We share the mystery it poses for industry professionals who may think, “What is the implication of this to my role?”; “Is this a threat to my role within the organisation?”; “Does this present an opportunity for a pay rise or promotion?”; “Has this been tried and tested?”; “OK, what are the pros and cons?” .

We share the excitement of the thought leaders who are at the forefront of championing new ideas which may revolutionise the industry. I hear some say, “This is the missing piece in the jigsaw!”; “This is what the industry has been crying out for”; “This will ensure projects are delivered to cost and on time without compromising quality!”.

Then you have the industry sceptics who argue, “This will not work, it isn’t fit for purpose”, “It is just another industry fad which will fade after a few years!”, “This methodology goes against the grain of traditional methods and the industry standards!”.

For all the hype surrounding Agile and Scrum, it is fair to say that judging by the pace of their popularity now, they are here to stay… some of those who thought it was just another hype are joining the bandwagon especially where it was a case of misunderstanding these methodologies that led to the false starts.

Some years ago, ScrumMaster was the butt of many jokes. Today, people have moved on to sharing experiences and ideas during events’ tea breaks – the report on the Government’s ICT Strategy for Agile has further added weight in support of Agile.

We tested the waters five years ago with a dedicated one day workshop, An Introduction to Agile which was oversubscribed so we repeated more sessions and introduced related conference topics; then few months later added the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) – which is the most commonly used agile methodology – to our training portfolio and that took off well too and has become more popular with courses now fully booked 2 weeks before their start date.

As a training provider we are delighted in our role of keeping our clients and contacts from various industries on the pulse with regards the latest industry thinking. At past events, when I have asked delegates if it has been useful attending a few have responded along the lines, “It is only now I truly understand what Agile means, I want to get on the phone to the rest of the team and shout STOP! We have been implementing it the wrong way”; “I now understand Agile, we don’t have to implement it as it doesn’t suit my organisation’s culture!”; “Now I know where we are going wrong with implementation!”. “Am I glad you came!”, I say.

This weekend’s and next week’s Certified ScrumMaster ScrumAlliance-authorised courses are fully booked, however there is still availability on other course dates – click Certified ScrumMaster course or Agile workshops for upcoming dates.


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