Big Data Forum 2012: Analysing and Exploiting Big Data

Our ‘Big Data Forum 2012:Analysing and Exploiting Big Data’ will concentrate on practical applications and exploitation of big data.

Records and data exist in a myriad of electronic devices from mobile communications to surveillance cameras to emails to web sites to till receipts; it can combine daily news, social media feeds and videos. Retailers can exploit the data to track sales and consumer behaviour, in store and online; health professionals and epidemiologists trying to predict the spread of disease combine data from health services, border agencies and a variety of other sources. The London Olympics will analyse big data to establish traffic patterns, policing needs and potential terrorist threats. The finance sector seeks to exploit one of the most valuable mother lodes of data through powerful tools that can make sense of patterns in news, trading activities and other more esoteric sources.
Through Next Generation Analytics, big data holds the promise of empowering people to make better decisions faster. The possible applications are limited only by the ability to manage and mine the data, and the tools are getting smarter and more powerful every day; however, the potential profits are so great that many organisations are keeping their own strategies under wraps.
This forum aims to cut through the marketing hype and help participants understand:

  • the pro’s and con’s of the new and powerful analytic tools (both open source and proprietary)
  • security & governance issues
  • Special areas of application
  • Emerging challenges for CIO’s and information professionals
  • What are the skills set required

The day is chaired by Steve Dale, Managing Director, Collabor8now Ltd.


09.30 Introduction and Scene Setting

09.45 Opening—Plenary 1
             Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO, The Advanced Performance Institute

From Data to Decisions: Using Good Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics to Add Value

  • How to stop drowning in data while thirsting for insights
  • Finding relevant data to inform decision making
  • Leveraging Big Data analytics while not forgetting Small Data
  • Using business analytics to test your strategy
  • The role of visuals and good graphs in executive decision making
  • Creating a performance-driven culture of data-driven learning

Introducing the Sponsors

Plenary 2: Analytics: Unlocking the information out of Big Data

Panel 1: The what and why of Big Data

Leveraging Big Data
Gary Wilson, Rocket Software Corvu
• The Data Revolution
• The value of Big Data
• How to leverage Big Data for your company
• Real world examples


Case Studies: Mining the Mother lode: Big Data in:

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Telecoms

Panel 2: Looking to the Future: Expert speakers give views on the
trends and possible applications such as “smart cities”; opportunities and challenges.

17.00 Close


5th July 2012

9:30 – 5:00pm


Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London W8 5SR

Detail about other speakers will be given soon. However if you would like more information call the team on 01895 256 484 for further assistance or email to request a booking form or reserve delegate places.


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