Keeping Things Rosy in the RBGE

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is a world-renowned centre for plant science and education.  Its mission is “Exploring and explaining the world of plants for a better future.” This might seem an odd setting for an up-to-the-minute implementation of a balanced scorecard framework. 

However with the status of “Non-Departmental Public Body”, 250 employees and a varied and complicated funding structure, the RGBE needed corporate plans that were both of strategic and practical value to the organization while also being acceptable to the Scottish Government.

The Balanced Scorecard (which comprises a Strategy Map and an accompanying set of Key Performance Indicators –KPIs – and targets) is the RBGE’s framework for delivering its mission and therefore executing its strategy.  Additionally, Strategic Objective Costing has been developed to support the key objectives contained in the Scorecard.

Dr Alasdair Macnab, the Director of the Corporate Services Division is responsible for the organization’s finances, personnel, estates management, ICT requirements, corporate planning and performance management amongst other services.  He will be telling the story of their Performance Management journey at UNICOM’s forthcoming conference “Performance Management and Business Intelligence” which takes place in Covent Garden, London, on 26 April 2012.  I’m really looking forward to Alasdair’s presentation – it should make a great story. 


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