Impact of Social Media

Using Social Media inappropriately can have serious consequences.  You might remember the incident labelled by most newspapers as ‘Diane Abbott and the twitter race row’.

Diane Abbott, the Labour MP for the Hackney North and Stoke Newington areas and Shadow Health Minister made a twitter comment following the sentencing of 2 white men for killing a black teenager. The comment was viewed as racist and all hell broke loose with her tweet. The internet erupted with calls for apologies and resignations and then the Labour Party got involved… It was not a pretty state of affairs.

Abbott apologised both on twitter and made a statement on the National News. However, the harm has been already done and she has lost her professional credibility.

The case  highlights the far reaching effects of Social Media  and how one must not underestimate the importance of making sure that the content is fit for external disclosure – your online reputation depends on one mouse click!  This and other security measures are discussed by Eileen Brown at The Strategic Value of Social Media in June, London.


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