Reflections on an ALM Forum

ALM stands for Application Lifecycle Management. But what does it actually entail? I visited the ALM forum hosted by Unicom Seminars at the beautiful Kingsway Hotel to investigate.

Agile Project Management is one of the most popular topics within project management. At the end of the day, I eventually gathered that Agile Project Management is a way of running different projects, with the aim of ensuring that they’re delivered on time and within the company budget and will actually deliver a project which takes the people factor into account and ensures that the project delivered follows the appropriate aims.

Having established what ALM and agile were about in brief terms, I looked around the room at my fellow listeners. There was ‘one lone tester’, who was identified by the Chairman at the very first talk. Also, there was a 1:3 women to men ratio. I wondered if this was because of the glass ceiling or because the gender differences being real. Maybe women weren’t interested in studying Computing in the first place?

Out of the whole event, I particularly enjoyed the talk of the beginning. It was from Niels Malotaux.  Niels is a software engineer from Holland. His talk style was interactive, engaging and clear examples were used. I was impressed by the fact that he asked questions for the audience to answer as well as rhetorical questions to get us thinking.  I really enjoyed the talk, and most importantly learnt a lot, as he was able to both bring something new for both experts and novices in the topic.


Here are the main points from his talk:


  1. Don’t spend time on a business unless you know 3 costs – your  time cost, cost of  one day delay, cost of the project
  2. Frequent delivery is necessary to counteract human error and check if business value delivered – therefore more optimal to have a short cycle.
  3. Know your customer, to know how quickly they want to be served
  4. Software doesn’t pay your salary and therefore shouldn’t exist on its own
  5. Helpdesk is the last thing to be outsourced



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